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Recovery Assistance Services


This department, formerly known as Aftercare or Designated Case Management, provides mental health and limited alcohol and drug addiction services to two groups of consumers:

1. Persons who require coordination of their psychiatric services, counseling, and other supports

2. Individuals who have received the maximum benefit from non-psychiatric treatments yet require continued access to medication and less intensive services.

In addition to the services mentioned above, the Recovery Assistance Department offers a variety of group services under the Road to Recovery program. These orientation and educational groups are provided for persons who have been recently referred to North Central. The group sessions are designed to meet individual needs within the group setting.

The Road to Recovery series was created to expedite services to persons who historically have experienced waiting time and to assure that referred persons are assigned to the correct level of care.

Other groups focus on mental health recovery concepts, alcohol and drug recovery concepts, skills building, problem solving and community resources.

The frequency of the group sessions ranges from three times per week to monthly. The group sessions are designed to meet individual needs within the group setting.

In addition, there are ongoing groups as well as a series of groups lasting five to eight weeks. As the client’s needs change, so do the group or individual service assignments.

The Recovery Assistance Services Department  provides services primarily at 1301 North High Street and Tri-West Associates, 3035 West Broad Street, Columbus. Services are also provided in the community as necessary.


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